• 21Jan

    This bar is located behind the cathedral on a street full of places to dine or enjoy tapas. It’s tiny, but a good example of a typical bar to go to for a beer and a pincho. Calle Mateos Gago 13

  • 23Dec

    As you might anticipate, this restaurant is on the beach. My local contact says the place is a little expensive, but spectacular. Bring cash. Has a nice cocktail bar. Located at Urbanización El Ancón. Carretera Cádiz KM 177. Tel. 639 553 088

  • 17Dec

    This tapas destination is located in the heart of Madrid. It is particularly known for its tripe (callos) and squid in its ink (calamares en su tinta). Check the place out; it’s an official artistic monument. Calle Alcalá, 99. Metro Retiro

  • 09Dec

    The actual name of this tapas bar is La Fama del Vermut. “Mejillonera” comes from “mejillón”, which means “mussel”.  Not surprisingly, this eatery is famous for the innumerable ways it prepares mussels. There are, however, many other delicious tapas to try. Located at Calle Andrés Mellado, 90. Metro Moncloa

  • 05Dec

    Madrid alone has several hundred tapas bars and restaurants. Chipén has the reputation of being a place that could not be more Castillian: “madrileño de pura cepa”.  Locals say it’s well worth the visit. Located at Calle Cardenal Cisneros, 39. Metro Quevedo

  • 04Dec

    Although titled a “cervecería”, this is a tapas destination. The following question says it all: “¿Qué madrileño que conozca el tapeo desconoce este sitio?”. Translation: “What Madrilenian who knows tapas doesn’t know this place?”. Located at Plaza de Santa Ana. Metro Sol

  • 25Nov

    My Spanish niece has supplied me with an incredible list of bars and restaurants serving “tapas” in Madrid. I love the name of this one, which means “The Bubble that Laughs”. This locale serves huge mussel stews “cazuelas de mejillones”. It’s Asturian, and is said to always be full. Calle Angél, 16. Metro Puerta de Toledo

  • 24Nov

    This establishment is said to be the most renowned bar in Madrid for eating shrimp. Try the “gambas al ajillo”, which is for garlic lovers. Calle Victoria, 12. Metro Sol.

  • 21Nov

    The name says it all: “House of the Beer”.  The local contact says to have a beer there and you’ll not regret it. Calle Luchana 15. Metro Bilbao

  • 20Nov

    The local talent describes this restaurant as one for meat lovers.  It’s particularly famous for roast lamb. It also offers classic Spanish desserts as well as whiskey cake. Try their assortment of cheeses. Located at Calle Arquitecto Magdalena 6. Tel. 34 976 226 417. www.asadordearanda.com