• 19Feb

    In Spanish, when one says something with a lot of wit, one is said to say it with “his salt and pepper”, as in “con su sal y pimienta”. In Spanish, “the spice of life” becomes “the salt of life”, as in “la sal de la vida”.

  • 24Dec

    When we store something away for future use we say we are going “to put it on ice”. A Spanish equivalent phrase uses the opposite preservative: “echar en sal una cosa”. The literal translation is “to throw a thing in salt”. Compare to another English phrase “to salt something away”.

  • 09Jul
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    “Tener mucha sal” translates to “to have a lot of salt”. When used in reference to a person, it means “to be great fun”. It can also refer to a joke with the meaning “to be very funny”. Compare to a joke using “salty language” in English.